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  • The Mysterious Death of Lynn Messer

    Lynn Messer, a mother and grandmother from Bloomsdale, Missouri, disappeared from her home in July 2014 under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind all her personal items. Her husband, Kerry, claimed to have found a note, which some suspect to be a suicide note, though he refused to show it to others. Despite extensive search efforts, Lynn’s remains were only discovered on their farm in November 2016, more than two years after her disappearance. Her cause of death remains unknown, leading to speculation about accidental death, suicide, or murder.

  • New True Crime Documentaries November 2023

    I bet you thought there was an upcoming documentary about the disappearance of The Killer Queen. You’d be wrong. I’ve just been enjoying some me time. And by me time, I mean going to my full-time job and then dissociating until I have to do it again the next day. But I digress. Sorry I skipped last month, but I have all the new true crime documentaries coming out in November 2023 just for you.

  • New True Crime Documentaries September 2023

    As the leaves begin to turn and the nights grow colder, there’s no better time to settle in with a gripping documentary that promises to unravel mysteries, showcase detective skills, and give us a glimpse into the darkest corners of human behavior. With a slew of new true crime documentaries set to premiere this month, here’s a sneak peek into New True Crime Documentaries September 2023.

  • Missing Monday | Karlie Gusé | Chalfant, California

    In 2018, teenager Karlie Gusé disappeared from Chalfant Valley, California. The night before, she had smoked marijuana with friends and came home anxious and paranoid, leading her dad to think it might’ve been mixed with another substance. Karlie’s stepmom stayed with her that night, but by morning, Karlie was gone, leaving behind her belongings. The last sighting of her was near Highway 6.

  • From Envy to Tragedy | The Murder of Adrianne Reynolds

    Adrianne Reynolds faced a tragic end in 2005 when her so-called friends Sarah Kolb and Cory Gregory took her life. We all know teenage years can be tough. High school is filled with its own set of challenges-juggling schoolwork and extracurriculars, dealing with cliques, and sometimes getting caught up in love interests. It’s a weird time in life. But in Adrianne’s case, what seemed like just another teenage spat escalated to something far darker.

  • Vanished Under the Summer Sun | The Abduction of Heather Teague

    On August 26, 1995, Heather Teague was sunbathing at Newburgh Beach in Kentucky. While she relaxed, a man was watching her from across the Ohio River using a telescope. At 12:45 p.m., he saw a man approach Heather through his telescope. He then saw the man grab Heather by her hair and force her into the nearby woods at gunpoint. She has never been seen again.

  • Missing Monday | Bryce Laspisa | Castaic Lake, Los Angeles County, California

    In August 2013, Bryce Laspisa, a 19-year-old college student, mysteriously vanished. He was last heard from hundreds of miles away from his apartment, promising his worried mother he would return home. But instead, an overturned car with no sign of Bryce and reports of unusual behavior prior to his disappearance deepened the puzzle. Despite a decade of relentless searching, Bryce’s disappearance remains an unsolved mystery, leaving his parents and investigators puzzled and searching for closure.

  • The Pig Farmer Killer: The Disturbing Story of Robert Pickton

    In the annals of crime, few cases are as horrific as the tale of Robert Pickton, a man whose outward appearance of mundane life on the pig farm hid the dark truth. Living on the outskirts of British Columbia, Canada, Robert Pickton was not the average pig farmer one might picture. No, Robert harbored a grotesque secret. He has confessed to 49 murders and expressed regret that he didn’t kill an even 50.

  • True Crime and Chill | ‘How to Become a Cult Leader’ Review

    Netflix’s latest docuseries, ‘How to Become a Cult Leader,’ is a gripping deep-dive into the twisted world of infamous cult leaders like Charles Manson and Jim Jones. Guided by Peter Dinklage’s enthralling narration, you’re not just hearing about these cult leaders, you’re living their chilling stories. The series pulls you in by breaking down the leaders’ manipulative tactics, their motivations, and the societal factors that made followers susceptible. Despite some slower moments, the series keeps you hooked with its top-notch animations and blend of true crime, history, and psychology. It’s a thrilling ride into a dark chapter of our history,…

  • New True Crime Documentaries August 2023

    August is upon us, and you know what that means – it’s time to hunker down with some popcorn and dive into the latest world of whodunits, hard-boiled investigations, and spine-chilling tales that only reality can offer. Yes, I’m talking about new true crime documentaries August 2023 has to offer. TBH, the roster for August 2023 is a bit leaner than usual. Maybe it’s the summer sun, or maybe our favorite filmmakers are just taking a well-deserved vacation. But don’t you worry. Even though we’ve got a somewhat shorter list this time around, I promise you it’s packed with intrigue,…

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