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  • Missing Monday: Chip Campbell | Milton, FL

    Chip Campbell’s unexplained disappearance from his Florida home has left his family and friends in distress. Last seen looking disheveled at a local gas station, carrying two backpacks he’d soon leave behind, Chip was wrestling with drug issues, health problems, and financial troubles. With his home showing signs of a quick exit and a possible…

  • Who Killed Pam Zimmerman?

    One chilly morning in November 2014, the small town of Bloomington, Illinois, woke up to terrible news. Pam Zimmerman, a well-liked mom of three and a successful financial planner, had been found dead in her office. She was a big part of the community, and her death sent shockwaves through the town. The unsettling part?…

  • Missing Monday: Amy Haueter | Louisville, KY

    The story of Amy Lyn Haueter begins over eighteen years ago on January 14, 2005, in a small town near Louisville, Kentucky. At only 14 years old, she disappeared from her home in Fern Creek, leaving behind more questions than answers. Today, Amy would be 33 years old.

  • Missing Monday: Typhenie Johnson | Euless, Texas

    In October 2016, Typhenie Johnson vanished after a suspicious encounter with her ex-boyfriend, Christopher Revill, in Euless, Texas. After Christopher returned alone from a conversation with Typhenie and claimed she’d left with a stranger, Typhenie’s brother found her belongings near Christopher’s car. Christopher was arrested and charged with her kidnapping. He was also the last…

  • Missing Monday: Chance Englebert

    Chance Leslie Englebert was a 25-year-old dad and husband who had just started a new job in Moorcroft, Wyoming before he mysteriously disappeared during a Fourth of July weekend family get-together on July 6th, 2019.

  • Missing Monday: Megan Foglesong

    The heart-wrenching disappearance of Megan Renee Foglesong has deeply affected her loved ones and the tight-knit community of Alden, Kansas, ever since she vanished without a trace in late November or early December 2015. Even with her family, friends, and law enforcement agencies pouring their hearts into searching and making emotional appeals, Megan’s location remains…

  • Missing Monday: Skylar Ware

    Skylar Ware, a 28-year-old biracial man from Kansas City, disappeared in 2021. He is 5’9″, 160 lbs, with brown hair and multiple tattoos. Struggling with bipolar disorder and addiction, he was last seen meeting an acquaintance. Despite police investigations, his whereabouts remain unknown.

  • Missing Monday: Keyonna Cole

    Keyonna Cole, a young mother from Brooksville, Florida, disappeared in 2019 under suspicious circumstances, with her ex-boyfriend Dwayne Williams being a person of interest; despite ongoing search efforts, her case remains unsolved as her loved ones continue seeking answers.

  • Missing Monday: Beau Mann

    In 2021, Beau Mann went missing after Thanksgiving with his family in Texas. His fiancé, Jason, last talked to him on November 29, but then Beau stopped answering messages and his phone couldn’t be reached. A missing persons’ report was filed on December 4 after the LAPD and Beau’s assistant checked his apartment. Beau was…

  • 5 Terrifying American Serial Killers Who Might Still Be Killing

    Do you know how many active serial killers are in the United States right now? According to the Albuquerque Times, the number is between 25 and 50. You might even know a serial killer. But before you spiral into paranoia, check out this list of five serial killers that are likely active in the United…

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