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  • The Bible John Murders-Scotland’s Most Infamous Serial Killer

    Between 1968 and 1969, a serial killer haunted a popular dance venue in Glasgow, Scotland. He would ultimately claim three victims after meeting them at the Barrowland Ballroom. Bible John earned his nickname because he often quoted the bible and told his last victim that married women who go dancing are adulterous. He has a…

  • Have You Seen Nefertiri Trader?

    On June 29, 2014 around 4 a.m. in New Castle, Delaware, a neighbor saw 33-year-old Nefertiri Trader who went by Neffie being dragged by a man into a car. This is the last known sighting of Neffie.

  • 5 Eerie Unsolved Disappearances that Keep Me Up at Night

    There’s nothing that peaks my interest and drives me insane than unsolved disappearances. How can a person just vanish into thin air? Here are the five cases that have stuck with me the most. 5. Leigh Occhi In August of 1992, Tropical Storm Andrew was bearing down on Tupelo, Mississippi. Because of the impending storm,…

  • Unsolved: The Long Island Serial Killer

    Also known as LISK, the Craigslist Ripper, and the Gilgo Beach Killer, the Long Island serial killer is believed to have murdered at least 10 and up to 16 people spanning two decades. He was first identified in 2010 during the search for Shannan Gilbert, who had called 911 claiming that someone was trying to…

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