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  • Missing Monday | Laura Marie Nimbach | St. Petersburg, FL

    Laura Nimbach, a once-promising nursing student who struggled with oxycodone addiction, disappeared from St. Petersburg, Florida, on February 17, 2009. Known for her light-brown eyes, blonde hair, and unique tattoos and piercings, Laura’s life was marked by struggle and hardship, including a suicide attempt in 2008. After leaving a domestic violence shelter and telling a…

  • Hashtag Homicides | 5 Murders Solved by Social Media

    From armchair detectives on Reddit to vigilant Facebook groups, social media has solved more murders than you might think – a testament to the power of collective intellect and the unexpected ways in which our digital breadcrumbs can lead to real-world consequences. Not all scrolling is doom-scrolling. Sometimes, it’s doom-solving. Who knew your Twitter addiction…

  • The Murder of Marlene Warren: Killer Clown Brought to Justice after 27 Years

    Is there anything scarier than a clown? Probably, but I think we can all agree that they are terrifying. Remember all those clown sightings in 2016? And what about John Wayne Gacy? You get the picture. And today’s case unfortunately involves a murderous clown, literally the stuff of nightmares. In May 1990, Marlene Warren was…

  • The Person You Least Suspect: The Murder of Karen Gregory

    Karen Gregory was found brutally murdered in her new home in Gulfport, Florida on May 23, 1984. Did Karen’s boyfriend kill her? Was it a friend? Or a stranger? The truth is even more wild. Sometimes, it’s the person you least suspect. This is the story of the murder of Karen Gregory.

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