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  • New True Crime Documentaries July 2023

    As the sky lights up with the annual burst of July fireworks, marking yet another summer of barbecues, watermelon, and good times, we’ve got a spectacular lineup of new true crime documentaries. Just like those fireworks, these stories will light up your screen and go off with a bang. We’re talking real stories, real mystery,…

  • True Crime and Chill: ‘The Curious Case of Natalia Grace’ Review

    ‘The Curious Case of Natalia Grace,’ a new docuseries on Investigation Discovery, dives deep into the mystery surrounding Natalia Grace Barnett and her adoptive parents, the Barnetts, who are accused of disturbing behavior and abandonment. Despite some pacing issues and the story being more Barnett-centric, the series provokes thought and fuels constant doubt about Natalia’s…

  • New True Crime Documentaries June 2023

    As the days grow longer and the summer heat intensifies, there’s no better refuge than the cool embrace of air conditioning and the captivating world of true crime documentaries. This June, there’s no shortage of macabre murder stories waiting to capture your attention. The list is extensive this month, with no fewer than 22 new…

  • 12 Modern Cults That You Can (But Shouldn’t) Join Today (Part 2)

    Welcome back to part 2 of “12 Modern Cults That You Can (But Shouldn’t) Join Today.” Buckle up as we explore the shadowy corners of society’s clandestine groups with the rest of my round-up of 12 contemporary cults surprisingly thriving today.

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