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  • The Murder of Sherrice Iverson | A Life Cut Short by Jeremy Strohmeyer

    The gut-wrenching tale of the murder of Sherrice Iverson is hard to swallow. This vibrant and lively seven-year-old girl, full of potential and dreams, had her life brutally cut short on May 25, 1997, in a desolate bathroom at the Primadonna Casino in Nevada, where Jeremy Strohmeyer and his friend David Cash turned her world upside down.

  • Life and Death in the Projects | The Murder of Ruthie Mae McCoy

    Ruthie Mae McCoy’s story unfolds in the shadows of Chicago’s public housing during the late 80s, a tale of hardships too tough for most of us to fully grasp. Her life ended too soon, sparking big discussions about the state of public housing and mental health care. Ruthie’s horrific end didn’t just shake the city, it also influenced parts of the iconic horror flick, ‘Candyman.’ But her real-life story shines a harsh light on the rough conditions in public housing and how we handle mental health. Fast forward to a chilling night in 1987, and we’re faced with a chilling…

  • Missing Monday | Laura Marie Nimbach | St. Petersburg, FL

    Laura Nimbach, a once-promising nursing student who struggled with oxycodone addiction, disappeared from St. Petersburg, Florida, on February 17, 2009. Known for her light-brown eyes, blonde hair, and unique tattoos and piercings, Laura’s life was marked by struggle and hardship, including a suicide attempt in 2008. After leaving a domestic violence shelter and telling a police officer about her plans to move to another, she vanished without a trace. Despite the ongoing search, Laura’s whereabouts remain unknown, leaving her family in a state of painful uncertainty, yet holding onto the hope that she may someday return.

  • Hashtag Homicides | 5 Murders Solved by Social Media

    From armchair detectives on Reddit to vigilant Facebook groups, social media has solved more murders than you might think – a testament to the power of collective intellect and the unexpected ways in which our digital breadcrumbs can lead to real-world consequences. Not all scrolling is doom-scrolling. Sometimes, it’s doom-solving. Who knew your Twitter addiction could be a force for good?

  • Missing Monday | John Joseph Deri | Inverness, CA

    John Joseph Deri, a 63-year-old psychiatrist and Iron Man athlete, went missing from Inverness, California, on June 3, 2014. He left his cell phone at home, and his brand new car was found at a dodgy beach, but there’s been no peep from him or his bank account since. His loved ones are still scratching their heads and nursing their hearts about what happened to him.

  • The True Story Behind ‘Girl in the Basement’ | Elisabeth Fritzl Was Held in a Basement for 24 Years

    The buzzworthy Lifetime movie ‘The Girl in the Basement’ on Hulu, tells the chilling real-life story of Elisabeth Fritzl, trapped in a basement by her own father for 24 years, enduring horrific abuse and bearing children while in captivity. But what’s more shocking? This isn’t just a plot for a scary movie – it’s inspired by the real-life horror of Elisabeth Fritzl, an Austrian girl trapped by her own dad for 24 years in a basement, leading a life of torment and bearing multiple children in captivity.

  • True Crime and Chill: “Myth of the Zodiac Killer” Review

    Peacock’s “Myth of the Zodiac Killer” takes you on a wild ride through the twisted world of one of America’s most famous unsolved mysteries. Directed by Andrew Nock, the series dives into the controversial idea that the Zodiac Killer might just be a made-up boogeyman created by the media and crime writers. They’ve done their homework, digging deep into the evidence and reconstructing the chilling scenes. But here’s the catch: true crime enthusiasts who already know the case inside out might not be easily swayed by this fresh take. Can “Myth of the Zodiac Killer” convince the skeptics? That’s the…

  • Missing Monday: Lisa Renee Irwin | Kansas City, MO

    It’s been ten years since baby Lisa Renée Irwin mysteriously disappeared from her Kansas City home. Despite her parents’ constant search and a trail of puzzling leads, including a false sighting in Greece and a debit card used on a fake birth certificate site, Lisa’s whereabouts remain unknown. The case continues to baffle with no clear suspects or leads, and the enduring question is still: where is Lisa Renée Irwin?

  • The Unsolved Colonial Parkway Murders

    From 1986 to 1989, a stretch of road in Virginia called the Colonial Parkway turned from a lovers’ hangout to a crime scene. The 22-mile road, which connects Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown, was where at least eight people were either killed or vanished. Then, just as quickly as they started, these chilling events stopped. To this day, we don’t know who did it, why, or why it all suddenly ended.

  • Missing Monday: Jason Landry | Luling, TX

    Basic Information Last Seen: 12/13/2020 Current Age: 23 Age at Time of Disappearance: 21 Gender: Male Weight: 170 lbs Heigh: 6’1″ Race: White Hair Color: Brown What We Know In the cold days of December 2020, Texas State student Jason Landry was heading home to Missouri City, Texas, for Christmas. He’d just wrapped up his […]

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